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Wine of the Month - Hagelsberg Rosé

February is the month of love, and surely the wine that best evokes the scene of flower petals and romantic candle light, is Rosé. It is also widely believed that Rosé is the oldest style of wine ever produced, with ancient winemakers lacking the equipment and modern winemaking processes we have today. Meaning grapes were often pressed soon after harvest by hand (or feet!) and with very little maceration time creating juice that was only lightly pigmented. It is said that the Ancient Greeks prized these paler wines over darker and more tannin heavy reds. Even the much famed term "Claret" commonly used to refer to Bordeaux reds, originated from the French "Clairet", or "clear wine", a full bodied and deep coloured style of Rosé widely exported from France during the 12th to 15th century.

With so much history to it, as well as being the preferred wine of choice of Greek artists, poets and romantics, Middelvlei's February Wine of the Month can only be the Hagelsberg Rosé!

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