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MOMBERG PINOTAGE 2018 Special Edition

Celebrating Middelvlei's 100 years in the capable hands of the Momberg family. This wine honours the Pinotage varietal, the first wine ever bottled under the Middelvlei label and which holds a special place in our hearts.

Bearing the family name, this wine reflects the premium quality and excellence Middelvlei has come to be known for.

This is a limited edition commemorative wine and will only be produced as a single vintage.


The Middelvlei Rooster range consists of three varietals, all of them being fantastic social wines

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Rooster Sauvignon Blanc New1.jpg

Middelvlei Rooster Sauvignon Blanc

This crisp fresh wine presents with a medley of tropical fruit aromas such as pineapple and green melon beautifully balanced with subtle citrus flavours resulting in a zesty lingering aftertaste.

Rooster Sauvignon Blanc 2021
Ultra Value Wines: SILVER

Rooster Merlot New1.jpg

Middelvlei Rooster Merlot

An elegant juicy wine with soft tannins. Concentrated flavours of plums, cherries and dark chocolate with mild oak spice and a soft smooth finish.

Rooster Merlot 2020
Vitis Vinefera: DUBBLE GOLD
Ultra Value Wines: GOLD

Rooster Shiraz New1.jpg

Middelvlei Rooster Shiraz

This wine carries an exciting mouthfeel of fruitiness and spices. The plum and liquorice aromas, mingled with hints of vanilla, enchant the palate.

Rooster Shiraz 2020
Ultra Value Wines: SILVER

Middelvlei Chardonnay New1.jpg

Middelvlei Unoaked Chardonnay

Unwooded with hints of tropical fruit and a touch of spice. Luscious peach and guava flavours add to the fruitiness of this wine.

Middelvlei Chardonnay 2021
Vitis Vinefera: GOLD

Middelvlei Pinotage Merlot New1.jpg

Middelvlei Pinotage Merlot

This dynamic blend features rich aromatic flavours of plums and blackcurrant backed by mild, wooded spices. Forward berry fruit, structured tannins with a lingering taste.

Middelvlei Pinotage New1.jpg

Middelvlei Free-Run Pinotage

A proudly South African wine with sweet raspberry aromas, mulberry undertones and elegant oak spices. Medium-bodied with prominent sweet fruit flavours, creamy vanilla tones and a dry finish. Middelvlei’s specialty!

Middelvlei Free Run Pinotage 2020
Veritas: Silver

Middelvlei Shiraz New1.jpg

Middelvlei Shiraz

An elegant juicy wine with soft tannins. Concentrated flavours of plums, cherries and dark chocolate with mild oak spice and a soft smooth finish.

Middelvlei Shiraz 2019
Veritas: Silver
Vitis Vinefera: GOLD

Middelvlei Cabernet Sauvignon New1.jpg

Middelvlei Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense dark cherry and blackberry flavours wrapped luxuriously around supple tannins and a rich, earthy body. Harmonious and smooth with a persistent, dry finish.

Middelvlei Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
Vitis Vinefera: GOLD
Platter: 4.5 Stars (90 points)

Momberg New2.jpg


This is the Middelvlei premium blend that was made to give extra dimension to the quality range of Middelvlei Wines. This wine offers middle palate complexity and a delightful lingering aftertaste.

Middelvlei Momberg 2019
Veritas: Silver Outstanding
Vitis Vinefera: GOLD
Old Mutual Trophy Wine show: Silver
Platter: 4.5 Stars (90 points)


As a family vineyard, the Mombergs ensure that the lessons passed down from father to son are preserved and respected while still accommodating modern trends and new techniques in the wine making industry. The beautiful 160 hectare farm is famous for its red cultivars, and Tinnie has showcased his talents with the flagship Free-run Pinotage, a unique wine made through natural, un-pressed processes which set it apart from its peers.

Middelvlei has shown time and again that traditional methods and attention to detail, both in the vineyard and cellar, hold sway when it comes to creating superb wine. What we lack for in ostentation, we more than make up for in quality and a rustic authenticity that sets us apart.

We feel honored and proud to be recognized for our wines.

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